Wayne & Train Connection

Big-Dub-P                                                                                                                           Ass-Crack Andy
Big Wayne Pimpin Baby!

The Wayne is from Kenosha, WI home of the wave and, of course Dead Air. I Have now switched my major to IS. Comp Sci wan't that great. I am known all over the free world for my skills with the ladies, that's why Im Big-Dub-P. I have no job and I am really poor, so join km.net under me! I am co-creator of Dead Air along with Andy. We started this show by coincidence during a smoke break in CS 111. The show started as the Train Show with Won-Cho. then I came up with the brilliant name and took over the creative parts, the rest is history. I have to give andy credit though, he works much harder than I do and there would be no show without him. If you actually read this and see me on campus some time, I always sign autographs. I am a great PR man. And if you are reading this webpage and like the way it looks, Ingle Design Co.will be happy to make you one of your own for a very affordable price.
"I am the Alpha and the Omega" Big Dub P 

This is the Train

Ass-Crack Andy, a.k.a The A-Train was born in Joliet and when he isnt at school here in Kenosha, lives in Braidwood. He sent me some crap he wanted to say about himself but it sucked so we are doing it my way. What can you say about good old andy? Ummm, let me think. Not much! He  is the co-founder of the Dear Air Show, although he didnt come up with the title. He is currently working on building a base of other shows that will carry the Dead Air namesake. He is doing almost all of the recruiting for the new hosts. He is about 6'2" and weighs somewhere in the upper 200 category and is currently unattatched. He doesnt have many friends and doesnt "smell good"(chris farley). If any ladies sweat him based on the pic I got up here, send him an Email, he is lonely. He a Psych major, and plans to open an office in florida near Panama City after graduation so he can live near his parents who plan to retire near there.
"I don't appreciate the Ass-Crack thing" hehehe, it's ok Andy